Securing a well-paying job is difficult for everyone, let alone disabled people in the current economic situation. There is a 50% higher rate of unemployment among individuals who are physically disabled compared to those who are not. Let us not forget, these individuals cannot take jobs that require labor because of their impairment. The ideal place for the physically disabled would be somewhere where commuting is easier, and where their job description and responsibilities rely on their mental skills. Below is the list of such jobs for you to choose from:


1.     Salesperson

If you can communicate with people, then a salesperson’s job is ideal for you. All you need to do is compel people to buy your product through communication, and ask for their reviews later on. This will help you understand the expectation of the audience, and ways you can make it better. This is a communication job that you can do while staying at home. Sales people are needed at insurance offices and marketing firms where they can contact potential clients by calling or by emailing. The degree required for the job is a high school graduation, and at some places, a college degree. The salary may also include commission of 15% – 20%.

2.     Writer

You can perform your writing job at the office or at home. You can write about the subject you are passionate about, or things you have been through in your life, which has taught you a few lessons. It could be a blog on disability or a book on motivation. You can also write for yourself, or someone else, who will pay you in return. If you have a college education, your career as a writer will definitely be brighter.

3.     Accountant

The job of an accountant is to analyze and create financial records, which include tax returns. They can either work for a company or accounting firm permanently or on contractual basis, or be a freelance accountant. They can also manage the pay rolls, revenues, royalties, and capital investments of the company. The degree requirement to get a job as an accountant is a bachelor’s degree that is certified by a specific accountancy branch. Some employers may ask for past work experience as an accountant.

4.     Data Entry/Data Management

Data entry and data management require greater brainpower, especially when it is computerized. You need be good with interviewing and extracting information from people, and should know how to type in speed. You also need to manage the data by years and type in your computer, and create a backup if problem arises. This is a desk job that does not require much movement, and is perfect for people with disability.

5.     Secondary Research Work

Primary research may require moving from one place to another to talk to people and get the surveys filled. However, secondary research is based on the books, reports, and past research work of people, which you can analyze and come up with your own hypothesis, and put it to test.

These are just five jobs for people with physical disability. However, there are many others depending on what kind of specific disability you have. You can choose the one that suits you the best and interests you the most, to build a professional career in it.