Alcoholism is a psychological disorder that develops due to chronic use of alcohol which causes dysfunction in daily activities of life. Use of Alcohol is very common, but sometimes, people lose control over their consumption level and get addicted to it. This eventually creates tolerance and then dependency. The reasons for alcohol addiction may vary, but the final level of dependency is termed as Alcohol Use Disorder. Alcoholism has a number of harmful effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health.

Physical Health Risks

Overuse of alcohol is very harmful and disastrous to one’s health. The areas that are mostly affected include liver, brain, immunity system, etc. it can increase GAMA levels of liver which poses serious risk of liver failure. Brain functioning is also impaired which causes a lot of difficulty in daily functioning. Many people face disability due to damage to the brain. Cognitive functioning and memory are severely affected, so much so that, even most recent events or happening can be forgotten and the person is unable to perform the simplest of mental tasks. Alcoholism poses a big risk not only to the consumer but also his or her progeny. This disorder is transferable though lineage. Children may be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the mother is a drinker.

Mental Health Risks

The adverse effects of Alcoholism are not limited to physical health only. People who are addicted to alcohol suffer a number of psychological issues, and in many cases, disorders. Alcoholism comes with a number of co-morbid disorders, depression being the most common among them.

Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal is not just a telling sign of Alcoholism but it also slowly cripples a person, making them shut themselves into a cocoon. This obviously does them no good and further worsens the case due to constant isolation and having more time to spend on drinking. In the long term, this withdrawal damages their personal and professional life as well.

Emotional Jeopardy

Alcoholism emotionally jeopardizes a person. Either by making them too emotional or completely shutting off the emotional switch; either way, the person has too much to vent out but has no means of doing so. Alcohol plays with the brain chemistry and disturbs the balance, which causes all the emotional chaos in the first place.

Disturbed Personal and Professional Life

Pick up any real life case of alcoholism and you will notice a very dominant theme of personal or professional life damage. Alcohol affects the consumer’s family life the most, and in most cases, their professional career is destroyed due to uncontrollable drinking or preoccupation with the habit. Alcoholism has been found to be the reason of many divorce, domestic violence, and child abuse cases.

Due to all these reasons and their far-reaching effects on the person’s life, Alcohol cripples them. More often than not, people suffering from Alcoholism are dependent on others for financial and life support.