If you or a loved one is living with a disability, it can be frustrating to fill out all the forms and online applications for financial assistance or tax benefit status. At First Support in Toronto, our mission is to help those with disabilities receive the benefits they deserve, and we can answer all of your questions regarding your disability tax credit. There are many advantages to using a tax credit consultancy, and we’re always here for you when you need us.

Those who qualify for the tax credit in Canada won’t have to worry about claiming your refund on their taxes, since it is not considered income. You can also receive your benefit along with other income supplements, and you don’t have to wait until you file your taxes to apply. Our team of experts understands how to navigate the paperwork and governmental processes surrounding disability credits, and will take the time to explain the system to you. Even if you have applied before and been denied, we’ll work with you to get you approved!

There are several disabilities that may qualify for special tax benefits, including Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, epilepsy, and fibromyalgia. If you have or provide support for a disabled family member, you may be entitled to a refund. Contact First Support at 1-888-509-0978 today to learn more about our professional services and how to set up your initial consultation. Our approach to the disability tax credit is thorough and comprehensive, so don’t wait any longer!