dreamstime_xxl_30283603Dealing with paperwork is not usually something a person looks forward to, especially when that paperwork is concerned with taxes. The dread of filling out forms can be even more prevalent for those with disabilities, as they have to fill out even more paperwork to apply for their tax credit. At First Support Professionals in Toronto, we’re here to do the hard work for you, helping you with the application and paperwork process so that you get the refund you deserve. We’ve helped people all across Canada receive a fair return through the disability tax credit.

Those We’ve Helped

Every person’s situation is unique, and it can be challenging to navigate the tax process. The testimonials below are a few examples of the people we’ve helped receive their refund.

They Got Me the Money I Was Entitled To

“They helped me get the money that I felt like I was entitled to. The money that I received as a refund helped me to clear up around 50% percent of my debt. Get a hold of First Support, They are very fast efficient and trustworthy”
– C.C., Saskatchewan

They Do All the Work, Have All the Stress, and You Get Money for It!

“First Support has been the best decision that I said yes to. They have helped to get a disability tax credit for the past four years. They did all the work. My specialist answered all my questions and sent papers with very easy instructions. I did not have any stress, she did everything. She was there to help with the doctors and made every step easy. The money came in handy to help pay off bills and to put some away for future medical bills. If you are trying to decide whether to call them or not, I would ask you, why wouldn’t you? They do all the work, have all the stress and you get money for it! How could you say no to that!”
– A.C., Toronto

If you’ve applied for the Canadian disability tax credit in the past, only to be rejected, please contact us right away. We’re always ready to help however we can!

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