FlagIt does not matter whether you are suffering from a mental disability or a physical disability – you are eligible to qualify for a number of benefits that are set by the government of Canada, if you are a Canadian citizen. According to World Health Organization, disability can be defined as:

“An umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions”

Anything that limits your movement, and causes difficulty in carrying out tasks that people would generally be able to perform, is impairment. Whether it is an adult with diabetes or a child with autism spectrum disorder – you can qualify for the Disability Tax Credit depending on the impact that disability has on your life. The name of the disease or disorder does not hold much value in getting you the benefits.

There are a number of financial as well as nonfinancial benefits that the government of Canada has in store for disabled individuals and their families. These include:

  1. Pension Plan Disability Benefits
    1. Benefits for your Children
  2. Disability for Veterans
  3. Child Disability Benefit
  4. Disability Award
  5. Education Funding for Disable Individuals
  6. Disability Pension
  7. Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program

A few of them are discussed below.

Pension Plan Disability Benefits

If you have made your share of contribution to the Canada Pension Plan, but are unable to work on a daily basis, then you are eligible to apply for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits. It is crucial to note that you can only apply if the disability is ongoing, and will probably end with death. Once you are able to get this benefit, you can file for benefits for your children. This is for young adults who are studying fulltime in a school, college, university, or any other institute. Children under the age of 18 are eligible even if they are not attending any school.

Benefits for Veterans

Individuals who were a part of the Canadian forces, and are suffering from permanent disability caused while serving the country, can utilize the disability benefit. People who are/were the members of the Royal Canadian Police and the Canadian Forces, presently, or in the past, will also be receiving the benefit in the form of pension.

Funding for Education

There are three different kinds of funding offered to students that are permanently disabled. These comprise of:

Grants for Services and Equipment for Students: These include money for textbooks, tuition fee, and living costs for students who are qualified.

Grants for Permanently Disabled Students: These include grants for students, who are registered in a post-secondary institution, and are suffering from a lasting disability.

Student Loan Program in Canada: If a student, who has borrowed student loans, is suffering from a severe long-lasting disability that makes it impossible for them to payback by working, their loans will be forgiven, even if the student is not able to pursue their post-secondary education.

Depending on the type of your disability, you can make the most of the Canada Pension Plan, if your disability is prolonged, which means it is long-term, with no cure, and may result in death. In addition, it should also be severe, which means it should be significantly difficult for you to work, as only then will you be able to file your application, and benefit from the financial and educational advantages.