faq-pageAll You Need to Know about CPP Disability Benefits & Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

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1. CPP Disability Benefits – What is it?

CPP is the abbreviation for the Canada Pension Plan. It is basically an income replacement supplement program for those who have made their contribution to the program. Benefits under this program are provided to individuals who can no longer work due to their disability. These benefits are also extended to the family and children of the applicant or CPP contributor after their death.

2. Eligibility Criteria – Who Can Qualify for CPP Disability Benefit?

If you’re under 65 years of age and have a severe and prolonged disability (mental or physical), you and your dependent children are most likely to qualify.

3. Is it Important to Get the Doctor’s Approval? (CPP Disability Benefit)

Yes. Before you sign our consent form, make sure you have full support from your doctor. Your application will mostly likely be disqualified if your doctor doesn’t support your decision of not working because of the disability.

4. What is the Best Time to Apply For CPP Disability Benefit?

Apply for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits as soon as you find out you’re disabled. Though you may still be entitled to receive the benefits even if you submit your form later, you may have to settle for a lesser amount than what you actually deserve in this case.

5. When Is the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit Application Kit Delivered?

This is a 42-page application kit that is delivered by our team to you through registered mail as soon as we receive consent forms from you with the service fee.

6. What happens if the Doctor Charges a Certain Amount of Fee to complete the Medical Report in the Application Kit for CPP Disability Benefit?

Your doctor is most likely going to charge you to complete the report, so don’t be hesitant. However, here it is important to note that Service Canada covers the cost of the applicant’s medical report up to $85. This amount is paid to the doctor directly. however, charges above $85 will be paid by you, the applicant.

7. How long is the CPP Disability Benefit Process?

This can vary, but on average the application completion takes two weeks, while Service Canada can take up to one year to make a decision.

8. How much is the Applicant Likely to Receive Each Month From CPP Disability Benefit?

The base amount is the same for all applicants – roughly $460. However, the additional sum depends on the CPP credits contributed by you. The maximum amount you can most likely receive is $1,290.81.

9. Is CPP Benefit Transferable To a Spouse?

No, it is not transferable.

10. What if The Applicant Hasn’t Contributed Enough to CPP?

Though you can never find out whether or not you have contributed enough to the Canada Pension Plan unless you apply, if you have doubts, we can help you qualify for CPPPS (Canada Pension Plan Pension Sharing) if you are married or living common law.

11. Why Hire a Disability Advocate for Application Filing for CPP Disability Benefit?

By hiring a professional, you can increase the chances of getting your application approved, which can otherwise be difficult and extremely frustrating if you do it on your own.

12. How long does the process take for DTC?

Each claim is unique and will vary in time, but most of our clients receive their refund within 120 days.

13. Can I claim for a child or elderly dependent for DTC?

Yes, the Canada Revenue agency extends the DTC to family members of an individual who suffers from a disability. As long as you are related by blood or marriage and assist that individual financially by providing food, shelter, or clothing, you may be eligible to claim the DTC on their behalf.

14. Is my income too high or too low to apply for the DTC?

No, there is no income restriction when applying for the DTC, as long as you have paid income taxes at any time during the onset of your disability, or if you have a family member who has supported you during your disability, there may be amounts to be claimed.

15. I have applied for something similar before, should I still call?

Yes, it is always a good idea to make sure you have received the maximum refund to which you’re entitled. Our consultation is free and many of our clients have previously applied for the DTC. However, they were still able to receive additional refunds because there were still portions left unclaimed.

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