1. I was a bit skeptical at first, but…

    They told me that there was help available. A friend of mine from the CRA told me that there is help available. The money went towards paying my dept with the Canada revenue agency.
    I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I received a letter from that Canada Revenue Agency that I was going to be receiving the money back, everything came together for me.

    Wayne, ON
  2. I would rate you guys a 10/10

    If it wasn’t for you guys I would not have gotten back anything, you guys did everything for me, everything that needs to be done. The money that I got back from the program was great deal, it helped me a lot. I would rate you guys a 10/10. I would tell anyone that has a disability to call, because you guys really help.


    Sandra, NL
  3. I have No Complaints!

    My experience with First Support Professionals was very good, I had no complaint at all. I love the way they kept on contact and kept me updated with everything. I was very surprised with service that i received. The money that I received was very helpful, It help me to pay off some bills. I highly recommend them to anyone. Do not be defensive, because they are very helpful, i would recommend then to someone was in the same position as I was.

    C. Johnstone. NS
  4. Thank You!

    Working with you has been a pleasure. I thank you very much!

    D.M., Toronto
  5. They Worked With Me and Helped Me

    They worked with me and helped me get the money that I was entitled to, which was a great help to me. The money helped me to purchase some thing I normally could not have purchased. I would most definitely advise others to use your services because it really works and it really Helps.

    B.V,. St.John NL
  6. A BIG Thank You!

    I would like to send a big thank you to all the people who helped me get a tax refund. Thank you all so very much. If I would not have seen it on Facebook. This money will come in very handy as my husband is dying from cancer.

    S.M., Alberta
  7. Thank You!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on my file.
    E.H., Alberta
  8. They Helped Me Pay My Bills

    You have helped me get some funds to help paying my bills and get back on my feet. I found you ad on Facebook and sent a request which help get the proper form required to get help. I have also passed on your company information to a few friends and would also tell more in the future.



    J.D., Ontario
  9. They Got Me The Money I Was Entitled To

    They helped me get the money that I felt like I was entitled to. The money that I received as a refund helped me to clear up around 50% percent of my debt. Get a hold of First Support, They are very fast efficient and trustworthy

    C.C., Saskatchewan
  10. They Helped Me All The Way

    Well First Support was the one who informed me about this tax credit. I did not get much but since I am on pension so every penny matters.

    Their attitude was helpful and very polite , they helped me all the way. I will sincerely recommend them to all those who may have an advantage to
    Contact them and use their services.


    M.Z Ahmad., Toronto